The Conjuring Universe and Resident Evil


The Conjuring Universe, so far;

for over a decade director james wan has been bringing the horror genre back to life  AND BUILDING Massively successful FILM FRANCHISES

Starting from a 8min short titled Saw where James Wan created the horrific "reverse bear trap" designed to split ones head in two, James has created 3 massively successful horror franchises totaling 16 films and counting. Saw made it to 8 with Jigsaw this year, Insidious 4 is in the works and The Conjuring Universe has expanded to 6 features and possibly more with a focus on the smaller ghouls from the original films.

With this sort of consistency with horror franchise success I am not surprised James is teaming up with screen writer Greg Russo (who are also both rebooting Mortal Kombat) to reboot the Resident Evil movie series bringing it back to its' original terrifying video game roots.



A few of james' scariest ghouls